Manufacturing Tour

May 24, 2017
Eskay Metal Fabricating Home Page

Manufacturing Visual Tour

As our web guest, it is our pleasure to bring you a brief pictorial tour of the steps that are
involved with manufacturing custom stainless steel and copper countertops, sinks or cabinets.

From beginning to end, our engineering staff reviews every detail to ensure a quality designed and built product.
The E2 Shop Management System enables us to bar code and track all of our orders, materials, and labor to ensure quality work at optimum production.
We utilize world class German Trumpf technology and Striker Cam software to CNC precision punch flat material to size.
After quality control part dimension verifications are made and initial edge deburring is completed, the flat blank is carefully formed with CNC press brakes.
Tig welding of all seams, corners, and special profiles transform the product into solid piece of art.
Grinding and Polishing further define the “integral” look as welds and seams are blended into a smooth surface. Final surface finishes are coated with a protective PVC paper coating.
At last, the finished product is inspected, wrapped, and crated and labeled for on-time shipping to our valued customer.