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May 24, 2017
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Questions and Answers on Stainless Steel Countertops

What gauge of stainless steel do you use?
Eskay uses 16 gauge stainless steel for all our residential countertops. 14 and 12 gauge material is available for industrial or harsh applications.

Is stainless steel more expensive than laminate?
Yes. On average, stainless steel is 3-4 times more costly than laminate but unlike laminate, will last almost indefinitely.

Is stainless steel more expensive than solid surface material?
No. Stainless steel is competitively priced compared to solid surface materials and is less that marble and granite.

How do I clean stainless steel?
See Article: Cleaning stainless steel

What is a #4 finish?
See Article: Finishes of Stainless Steel

Can my countertop be re-polished?
See Article: Re-Polishing Stainless Steel

Are stainless steel countertops hard to install?
No. Stainless tops are mounted in the same way laminated or solid surface tops are by fastening from the cabinet to the top. Complications generally only occur from inaccurate field dimensions, or where wall squareness problems exist. See Installing Countertops

How much is shipping?
It varies by weight, quantity, and distance. A budget can be established and included in your quote.

How much is crating?
It varies with each order, but generally falls into a range of $50 - $285 per skid. UPS is used where applicable to save on crating and shipping charges.

Do you have sales offices or reps in my area?
No. Eskay currently handles all sales from our facilities in Buffalo, New York. We do offer special pricing to kitchen design firms and retail establishments.

Do you have installers in my area?
No. we do not offer installation, but will be happy to review installation procedures with you, your installer or contractor.

What is the process in ordering a countertop?
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How long does it take to fabricate a countertop?
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