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September 26, 2017
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Stainless Steel Countertop Design Drawings

Creating a custom work of art in stainless steel, copper, or specialty metals always begins with a great idea brought to life through careful design and engineering.

Our design and engineering team utilizes the latest versions of Solid Works and AutoCAD to design and prepare customer approval drawings. Copper countertop drawings will have the same information as stainless steel countertop drawings other than the material type specified. Click on a link below to preview submittal drawings prepared for our customers for review and final approval.

Stainless Steel Countertop Island:
  • Stainless Steel Countertop Island with Sink 148.87
  • Stainless Steel Countertop Islandwith Sink 75.00
  •   Stainless Steel Counter "L" Shape:
  • Stainless Counter "L" Shaped with Sink 163.00 x 63.25
    Special Shape Stainless Steel Counters:
  • Stainless Steel Counter 86.65
  • Stainless Steel Counter with Sink 78.00 - Radius PT1
  • Stainless Steel Counter with Sink 78.00 - Radius PT2
  •   Straight Stainless Steel Counters:
  • Stainlesss Counter 27.00
  • Stainless Counter 58.25
  • Stainless Counter 64.38
  • Stainless Counter with 2 Sinks 84.00
  • Stainless Counter with Sink 100.50
  • Stainless Counter with Sink 145.0
  • Stainless Counter with Sink 48.50

  • Hi Ken,
    Just emailed Kevin signed approved drawings! Very excited about seeing the final product! The house this is going into is very cool - once it's done I'll send you a picture. Kevin was great to work with...well, and you too!! :)
    Thanks a ton,
    Shoreline Builders, Kennebunkport, Maine

    As an additional benefit, customers with email access may view 3D drawings sent to them on a Solidworks e-Drawing. This enables you to rotate and animate the countertop drawings for illustration purposes and obtain a clear perspective for final drawing approval. Simply request an e-Drawing file from us when you submit your order. An e-Drawing file and link for the free e-Drawing viewer will be included with your countertop drawings for final approval.