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August 24, 2019
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Custom Stainless Steel Backsplashes and Wall Panels

Stainless steel backsplashes and wall panels. Texture is introduced by our custom designed finishes in a variety of styles. Precison cut outs can be provided for electrical outlets, switches, recesses, or other features.

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Stainless steel backsplash
#4 Brushed Finish

Custom finish on a stainless steel wall panel

Precison cut stainless steel backsplash with electrical cutouts.

Backsplash Installation

Most types of construction adhesives will work for stainless steel backshplashes to wall surfaces. Adhesive will vary in their "set up" times. More forgiving products like Liquid Nails may require longer direct pressure times to hold backsplash panels in place. Please refer to the manufacturer's product specifications for set and dry times. Various construction adhesives are available at Home Depot, Lowes, lumber yards and hardware stores.

Products that work well for us are OSI Formula 38 and PL200 or PL400, which are quick setting adhesives used for general construction. With any adhesive, follow the application recommendations for proper use. Many will recommend that you apply the adhesive, press the backsplash panel in place, then pull it away for a few seconds, they re-apply the panel with direct pressure. This process aids in the "set up" of the adhesive. Once in place, simply palm or press your hands firmly accross the panel repeatedly to ensure proper contact with the backsplash panel, adhesive, and wall surface. If an area "pulls" away, re-apply pressure to that area.

Placing temporary bracing or taping the edges with removable tape will help hold the backsplash in place when using slow drying adhesives. For mechanical fastener preferences, drill and install small screws or designer nails along the perimeter of the backsplash panel.