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March 23, 2017
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Customer Testimonials

I just wanted to thank the three of you for helping us with our project. You endured many questions and were patient while I kept changing my mind. You were wonderful to work with and we love the result. S. & K., Columbia, Missouri

Just wanted you guys to know that the countertops made it back to Albany with no problems. I've left the protective plastic on most of it but everyone here agrees that what is exposed looks great. The online photos don't do the welded seams justice, you can't even tell they're there. Tell everyone very nice job for me! Thanks, J.B., Albany, NY

My countertop is beautiful, excellent in every way. The measurements, construction, finish, crating, and shipping: all A+++. Anyone interested in stainless steel should look no further than Specialty Stainless; you guys are the best. Thanks for a great job! R.K., Pittsburgh, PA

The client was so pleased with the last sink purchased from your company, that they want to make sure all future orders for stainless custom sinks at Columbia Medical Center go through your company.Thanks very much,
K. F., Columbia University

Thank you all for the countertop. It is really beautiful. On a side note, it was so heavy that we had to find 4 weight lifters to get it to the second floor. Anyone else who tried to pick it up just cried a little bit.... but all is well. It is now in its new home and is very happy. Thanks, H.C., Levittown, PA

Countertop received and looks great! Thanks! B.L., Vergennes, VT

We received our stainless sink and counter-top in November. I want to apologize to you for not letting you know sooner how much we love it. We are our own builders and thus everything takes a long time to do. We un-crated the sink right away and were duly impressed with just the quality of the crate! When we finally got the plumbing done and were able to install the sink, my husband was able to use the sink right away. This sink is his dream sink. The sink was designed to meet his specifications. My husband is a retired park ranger. He is an outdoor guy and he wanted a hard working sink and counter that he could use to wash vegetables in, shuck oysters in, prepare crabs in and on and on. He is very happy with this sink, and I am too. Thank you all for your workmanship and for taking such pride in creating a quality product. J.& D., Saint Inigoes, MD

We have really enjoyed your creation. It fit in with just a little persuasion in a not square corner. The recycle shoot is very popular and the whole counter looks beautiful next to the granite countertop. We have received many compliments already and it is just beginning to be put to use. Thanks again for doing such a great job, F.H., Baltimore, MD

The counters arrived in perfect condition and fit as if they were fabricated on site. GREAT! Thank you and all the others who made this happen. I will tell everyone who'll listen. Best regards, B.B., Covington, LA

My stainless steel aircraft carrier arrived in perfect shape, and installation is proceeding today. Photos of before and after of my Oprah Makeover of the kitchen will follow when installation complete. Again, thanks! K.H., Las Vegas NV

The sink was delivered to us this morning and has already been installed. It arrived in perfect condition. All of my requests (re: the specs of the sink) were met and the workmanship is superb. I am very, very happy with my new sink. It is the sink that I have dreamed of having for decades. It was a pleasure doing business with Specialty Stainless. Thank you. C.K., Wailuku, Hawaii

By the way, I never gave you any feedback on my countertop. It is perfect! I installed it right away and it slipped right in. The dimensions were right on. But most surprising, by measurements were right. It looks beautiful. For the last three plus weeks it seems like I have a whole new kitchen because the countertop has made everything else look new. And I was able to repurpose the crate as a spiffy workbench in my garage. Thanks, S.H., Creston, IA

I wanted to take a minute to say how impressed I was with your work. Though the homeowner is leaving the plastic on untill move in we are both happy with the outcome. I was very pleased with the way you packed it and the unermount sink that I put in turned out great. Thanks for a great job. You can bet if the need arises I will call on you again with confidence. Thanks, Bill Moore owner: Barkley Woodworks, Cadiz, KY

Just wanted to let you know our sink/counter top arrived yesterday and was installed today. It's gorgeous! Thanks so much for such a great job. and the packing... whooo hoooo. could have gone through a hurricane! my husband is going to use it as a coffin for our Halloween party! Already people want your info, so passing it on.
Thanks again, A.C., Beaufort, NC

The sink/counter arrived and it is gorgeous! Thank you for all your help along the way and if we need something else fabricated in stainless steel we know where to go. Please let Kevin know we appreciate his fine work. Have a great evening. L.M., New York, NY

Thanks for the e-mail. Please ship as soon as possible; we're ready to install. Your company was a pleasure to deal with; everyone was patient, helpful, and applied his expertise to making sure that I was satisfied with the design.
Thanks, B.W., Long Beach, NY

I thought I'd send along some before and after photos, to show what a beautiful job our carpenter, Tim Wahl did, and also how fantastic your stainless counter looks (and it fit perfectly! sorry about all the clutter on it, but it's a real working kitchen, and the stainless is perfect for all of the baking and jam-making that goes on in it.) We had a party last weekend and as the kitchen is the entry to the house, everyone who came through admired our new cabinets and counter - they were very impressed as they'd never seen a residential stainless countertop! Thank you again, best, M.S. Morristown, NJ

We just got the countertop yesterday and WOW! You did a fantastic job and the countertop is absolutely beautiful. As soon as it's installed we'll send you pictures. Thank you so much for such a gorgeous piece! K. & Y., Oakland, CA

Just wanted to send a note letting you all know that the counter top looks great and installed nicely. I recieved a call from Diane this past weekend about how excited and happy she was with everything. Extend my thanks to Ken and Kathy.
Sincerely, Greg Ort, J. E. Maier Carpentry and Contracting, Inc., Phillipsburg, NJ

I thought you might enjoy seeing these photos of your beautiful sink with integral drain boards. The client is so pleased! Your product is both beautiful and functional and added immeasurably to the overall aesthetic in the space. The client loves it! Thanks again. I look forward to doing more business in the future.
Stephanie Holmes, Designer, Towne Flooring & Kitchens, Oneonta, NY

I received a nice thank you note from your team, thanking me for my business. I want to thank you for that and for all of you being such a pleasure to deal with. The sink rests happily on the table in the breezeway, awaiting installation. This is still a while away, and when it is installed, I will certainly send you photos. Until then, D.J., Mill Valley, CA

The countertop you fabricated was very accurate. My wife loves it. Thanks, C.M., San Antonio, TX

Here FINALLY are some pictures. They just finished putting in the tile this last week! Everyone says the sink is fabulous, and it is so practical. Hope all is well up in your neck of the woods. All the very best to all, J.& G., Greenwich, CT

Wanted to let you know that the countertops were installed last week and my wife and I are very pleased with the outcome. This was one of the best parts of the whole kitchen renovation and we thank you and Ken for all your help, guidance and patience. I know we were not one of your larger jobs, but we are certainly are one of the most content. Many thanks. B. & J, Elkins, Park, PA

My countertop was delivered today. I have spoken with my contractor and he says it installed easily and looks great!
Thanks for all your help. S.T., Somerset, PA

Here is the finished product! Looks amazing! The counter tops are fabulous, especially with the one piece sink! Hope all is well! Thanks so much, Alyse, Shoreline Builders, Ltd., Kennebunkport, Maine

My sink arrived is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for all of your help. A.B., La Mirada, CA

My sink is in and it looks amazing! I will send photos when the counters are done. Thank you for all of your help and such a speedy job. Warm Regards, K.V., Hollywood, FL

I've been meaning to email you to let you know how GORGEOUS the countertop is. It's definitley the jewel of my new kitchen! We had a small party last week to reveal the renovation and without a doubt, the stainless countertop was the star. I'm so pleased with the way it fits and looks...thank you so much. Once again ... thanx a million, C.C., Milton, MA

As I've said before, you and your company do a seamless and excellent job. As you know I had asked you for a pre-Christmas delivery, then my customer changed the finish date to meet a 12/19 Christmas dinner. I was prepared to do temporary counters for that new date, but your company came through early for me. I really appreciate that. Best to you, Kevin and all for the holidays, and good fortune for the New Year.
Bob Reynolds Caulfield & Ridgway, Inc., Centerbrook, CT

I am very very pleased with my new sink. It is everything I hoped it would be! Thank you to all D.W., West Chicago, IL

Just a short note to tell you that you did a fabulous job. It looks great.The job was perfect.
Sincerely, Douglas E. Falkenburg, IMTI Systems, Inc., Bronx, NY

Just wanted to drop a note to thank you for all your help with getting our stainless countertops completed. They fit perfectly and look great!! I'm very happy with the quality and look of the tops. Again, thank you for putting up with me... I'll e-mail a picture once the backsplash is installed and the project is completed. M.B., Clinton, NJ

Here are two photos of the sink that was shipped to me and installed in my new residence in Kula, Maui. It fit perfectly and I am very, very happy. It looks ten times better in real life and is an outstanding centerpiece in the kitchen. I would like to extend my thanks to your company's excellence in product and customer service, all the way to the guys who crated the box for shipping - you guys did an outstanding job! Thank you and Happy New Year! P.F., Kula, Maui.

Our new Stainless Steel counter is installed. It is truly beautifully built with top notch workmanship. It also fit exactly in the space. It was built right to the specs. The crate that it came in is very sturdy and protected it well.
Sincerely, R.H. & G.B., Amherst, MA

Just a not to let you know how happy we are with arrival of the custom counter and sink. It fit perfectly and looks great. J.H., Loves Park, IL

We have our countertops in and we love them, thanks for your excellent work. J.S., Queen Creek, AZ

I didn't get to the install this week-end, and will likely not get to it until next week-end. The counter is upside down on another counter in my kitchen, but a quick look at the dimensions suggests they are spot on. No surprise there. Please tell your crate construction crew that they should be in the home building business. I unpacked it on the truck and the trucker even remarked at how much better it was than anything he had ever seen. The materials are all re-usable and waiting for another project down the road! In fact, I already used a piece of the wafer board on the kitchen project as a backer for some molding. Well Done!! Now I can only hope the installation of the sink is as successfull! I'll send pictures when done. Thanks again. M.L., Providence, RI

I just wanted to take a second to thank you for all your time and effort in putting together our quote. It turns out that we were able to salvage the stainless steel countertop from our old kitchen, which was no small feat and we really expected to have to just scrap it and byu a new countertop. If it's any consolation, if we did have to buy a new countertop, it would've absolutely been through you and your company. You easily under-bid 3 local companies I checked, and for less money you even offered more than your competitors. I work at a company in the San Francisco Bay Area where folks are always looking for home improvement recommendations and I will definintely recommend you to anyone who's looking for stainless steel counters. I should also say that we might still order a small 12" wide countertop from you for the top of this small cabinet that is now between the stove and fridge in our new kitchen. No big deal for you guys, but don't be surprised if you see a quote request from me again. Once again, I appreciate your time and effort in getting us a great quote and answering all of my questions. Thanks, M.D., Mill Valley, CA

The stainless steel countertops you built for us were installed yesterday and they are beautiful. John Littlefield of Kitchen Gallery Design Center is the contractor. I especially like the sinks. Once again, the countertops are beautiful and my wife just loves the new kitchen. Thank you, G.K., McLean, VA

Here are some pictures of my kitchen - - LOVE the new countertops. C.P., San Diego, CA

I love my top, and have many jealous friends! Will send a testimonial along with the photos. Thanks for thinking of us.
P.& M., Burlington, WI

Thank you for your nice note. The top looks great! We also installed stainless inserts into the base cabinets frame, and the upper doors have a ribbed glass insert. I have already received a lot of complements. I've enclosed a couple photos that I took. The stainless and cherry wood look great together. Thanks for the wonderful work. I look forward to working with you more in the future. Heather Pond Radonis, CKD, ASID Allied Radonis Kitchen Designs, Ludlow, VT

Here are the photos you requested. I was very nervous when we received the island top because it looked too small, but when we dropped it in place it was so exact I cannot believe it. Every dimension on all the counter tops is perfect! The island did not even need adjusting to get the sides even. It just fit the first time. All we did was screw it in place! Thanks a bunch, J.K., St. Paul, MN

I really liked working with you and hope we can work on some new projects in the future. If you like you can add these pictures to your web site. The tops really turned out beautiful. M.R.

We love our new sink/countertop. I will send you pictures in the next few days. Thanks, A.H., Barrington Hills, IL

I just want to say thanks for everything. I just receive my countertops and they are GREAT--I love them--and you all did a WONDERFUL job with the craftsmanship and in fact with the complete process. L.H., Charlestown, WV

Guys, please pass along the compliments and cheers for the team of artists and craftsmen who worked together to produce the L Shaped Stainless Steel Counter with two integrated sinks, delivered this past Friday.

My parents, 89 and 83 years old (but of very sound mind, but perhaps not body), were thrilled with the final product and its effect on the whole kitchen. As the installer, I was thrilled with the accuracy of the measurements and the 'invisible' welding. You certainly get what you pay for and while we paid a lot, we got a lot. Guess that's why its the second counter I've purchased and installed from you. The transport service was great too, just a little late but we received a courtesy call and, the biggest bonus was that the truck came with a lift gate!!!! Yippeee! PS I love all the great lumber I get out of your shipping material! Your crate carpenters are also incredible.

The biggest bonus was the beauty of your work and the pleasant interaction throughout the project.
Thanks again All! M. L., Providence, RI

I am writing to let you know that the steel counters look fabulous ! We are particularly pleased with the extra strength steel (cannot remember the grade). Excellent craftsmanship and nice smooth corners. The sink area fit perfectly and the drainboard works very well. Also, we were very pleased with the service, your do-it-yourself first draft drawing and the various steps from design to delivery. C.D./ J.G., Washington, DC

Thanks again for a good job. Sincerely, J.H., Dartmouth, MA

Our house remains a work in progress and we still need to order one, maybe two, more counters from you for our kitchen. But we both wanted to send you some pictures of the counter you did for us and tell you that we are incredibly satisfied customers who would recommend your products to any and all. Your service was impeccable; your patience with us commendable; and the resulting product is perfect! Thank you, thank you, thank you. K.& K.- Las Vegas, NV