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April 24, 2017
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Triple Play: Custom Stainless Steel Countertop with Three Integral Sink Bowls

"Everyone says the sink is fabulous,
and it is so practical."

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Featuring a triple integral stainless steel sink combination with varying sizes: 20"x18"x8", 14"x18"x8", 9"x16"x6" with 8" faucet holes and double sprayer knockouts.
    The custom stainless counter and stainless steel sinks are seamlessly welded together and polished with matching #4 satin finishes. An undercoating is applied to the sink bowls for added sound deadening.
    Overal dimensions: 103.55" long x 25.5" wide. The exposed front and end edge profiles are 1.5" and rear wall edges remained flat (raw) to meet the subway tile backsplash.