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May 30, 2016
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Welding Manufacturer's Sink Bowls into Custom Stainless Steel Countertops

Integrally welded Franke Sink

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Customers often ask if we can weld another manufacturer's sink bowl into our custom stainless counters. The answer is yes if the product meets our minimum gauge requirement quality standards.
    Straight from the cardboard box, this customer specified Franke sink was integrally welded into our custom stainless steel countertop.
    For quality control and liability concerns, we prefer to provide the "buyout" sink as a complete package. We do provide quotes to weld in customer purchased sinks if the product meets our strict standards.
    Please note that due to variations in polishing techniques, purchased "buyout" sinks will not match custom stainless countertop finishes.
    We encourage customers to consider a hand crafted custom stainless steel sink bowl by Specialty Stainless to take advantage of our superior craftsmanship and our industry leading 12 year warranty guarantee.